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Paving a new path to

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The five stages to owning
your own home

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Apply for approval

Getting approved is free, it comes with no commitment and doesn't impact your credit score.


Find your dream home

You get a home purchase budget. Then you can choose any qualifying home on the market working with any local estate agent.

Find your dream home.
Dwelling buys your dream home.

Go sale agreed

With our funding partner, Dwellr arranges to buy your home on your behalf. Your initial down payment goes into your savings account towards your future deposit.

Dwellr covers the cost of the property stamp duty, local property tax and legal costs.


Move in immediately

Make it your home! Your monthly payments include built-in savings that accumulate into a mortgage deposit over time.

Our product is designed for Dwellr customers to be mortgage eligible within 36 months.

Move in immediately
You're ready to buy or walk away with savings

You're ready to buy or walk away with savings

Buy your home within a 36 month timeframe. If you have a change of plans, you can walk away with a 60-day notice term agreement taking your accumulated savings with you (minus any costs).

What is BETA?
We will still remain open for candidates to apply to be pre-qualified for our Lease To Own proposition prior to our formal launch in Q1 2024. For customers who submitted their details during the official window that ran from the start of September to the end of October, you will be prioritised on a first come first served basis for formal assessment upon official launch.
For new customers, you can still apply now to obtain pre-qualification status so don't miss out on the opportunity!!

What the current market is telling us?

From our research, we understand the frustrations in the Irish market. Mortgages can be difficult to obtain and be slow to issue, which delays the entire sales process.

Dwellr's process is the equivalent to a cash buyer, buying on behalf of a customer. We are confident on both agreeing and closing sales quickly!

1 in 5

People Living in Ireland
Can Afford To
Own A Property, But Don't


Potential Buyers Can
Afford To Pay A Mortgage


New-To-Ireland Residents
Are Currently Renting


Adults Aged 25-29
Are Still Living
With Parents

Easy, simple and flexible upfront leasing plan agreement.

We appreciate that everybody's circumstances are different. That's why we are providing different leasing plan options, offering flexibility to meet your needs, to ensure you can move in immediately into your new home.


Lease Plan #1 - Escrow Option

• Dwellr will purchase 100% of the property at the beginning.
• You can move in immediately and we will support you in saving the 10% deposit required in an escrow deposit account.
• Within a 36 month timeframe, we will prepare you for mortgage approval placing you in a position to purchase the property outright.


Lease Plan #2 - Immediate Ownership Option

• Dwellr will purchase 90% of the property at the beginning.
• You will move in immediately at the upfront cost of 10% of the purchase price value of the home (plus fees).
• On Day 1, you will only need to pay 2% of the upfront deposit value. We will allow time to save the remaining 8% deposit in an escrow deposit account within the 36 months timeframe.
• After 36 months, you are mortgage ready and in a position to purchase the remaining 90% of the property.

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Free Application

Getting pre-qualified is free and can be done in a matter of minutes. There are no gotchas!

Why Dwellr is the right choice for you

The Lease to Own scheme (administered by Dwellr for its regulated funding partner) reflects the times that we live in where it may be prudent and necessary to create some time and space for potential homeowners to get mortgage ready. But with the comfort of knowing that they are safe and secure in their future home.

Apply Now Beta
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Find any home

You can decide to buy a house or apartment, new or secondhand, once the property value is within your approved budget!
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Flexible Plans

Plans that can flex to your circumstances - we cater for and support different options.
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Built-In Savings

Throughout the leasing agreement repayment plan, you are accumulating savings to contribute to your future home deposit.
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Not locked in

You can walk away from the agreement at any time during the leasing phase with your accumulated savings less any fees.
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We are the experts

Behind the Dwellr name is a team of industry experts who are supporting you with the single motivation to own your home.
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We've been stuck paying high rents which has hindered our ability to save and prevents us from being in a position to apply for a mortgage.
Jack & Amy, Dublin 12
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I've been renting for the last 10 years and have struggled to save enough of a deposit at the same time to apply for a mortgage.
Anubha, Single female, Cork
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We live constantly with the worry that our landlord will look to sell up and we need to go in search of a new rental property.
Family, North Dublin
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Frustratingly I have had to recently move back home for a few years in order to start saving for a house deposit.
Philip, Single Male, Wicklow
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The Dwellr Mission

At Dwellr we believe that there should be an alternative approach to achieving homeownership for those finding it difficult to secure mortgage approval when they need it the most. The Dwellr value proposition is a vehicle for accelerating homeownership whereby all constituents - buyers, sellers, agents, lenders - will thrive.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose the Dwellr option?
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At Dwellr, we believe there is another route to owning your own home. That is why we and our regulated funding partner are launching a ‘Lease to Own’ (LTO) option in the Irish Market. With rents at an all time high, hindering renters with the ability to save and in a rising mortgage interest rate market, we know our Dwellr option will be welcomed for those struggling to obtain satisfactory mortgage approval.

When you choose the Dwellr option, you get choose your future home now and live there while you get mortgage ready. A portion of your monthly lease amount goes into your savings to form a deposit for when you are mortgage ready.

Who should apply?
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The Dwellr option is open to anyone living and working in Ireland earning a steady taxable income.

You must be over 18 years of age and meet our qualification criteria. Please
complete our pre-qualification survey here to join the list for approval on launch.

How do I apply?
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Dwellr is launching in the Irish Market at the end of the year. Prior to launch we are looking for potential applications to complete our online survey which puts you first in line for approval on formal launch.

Dwellr is a fully digital platform whereby all applications will be completed online via our Dwellr portal. If you would like to join the waiting list for pre-approval at launch, please complete our pre-qualification survey here.

What’s involved in the Dwellr Application process?
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Applying for approval with Dwellr is completely free, and comes with no commitment. Don’t worry if your financial picture isn’t perfect — we get that life happens, and everyone’s situation is different. We will take into consideration your current income, outgoings and growth potential over the next 3 years.

After applying, you’ll get your ‘estimated’ approved home purchase price budget. We’ll then verify your application and you’ll receive your ‘formal’ home purchase budget within 5 business days.

As part of the application process, we’ll ask you to upload confirmation documents to verify information provided.

What happens next when I get my ‘Formal Approved Home Purchase Budget’?
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Dwellr’s Approved Home Purchase Budget is similar to a Banks Approval in principle. We will issue you with written confirmation of approval, you can engage with Estate Agents and bid on a property. It will be purchased on your behalf.

I’ve gone ‘Sale Agreed’ with Dwellr approval, what happens next?
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Once you notify us that you have gone sale agreed, Dwellr will arrange a property valuation to ensure the property is of good standing and within market value. Once we are happy that the property is satisfactory, we will proceed to requesting purchase contracts from the agent.

On behalf of our regulated funding partner we will issue you with your Lease to Own contract, with the agreed monthly lease repayment amount and your pre-approved purchase buy out price in 36 months.

Our legal team will complete all the necessary checks and we will complete the sale on your behalf. Once this is complete, a Dwellr representative will meet you at the property to hand over the keys of your new home!

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